Shotokan Karate

Nintai Karate Club is a Shotokan club which follows the way and teachings of Master Hirokazu Kanazawa. Kanazawa Shihan 10th Dan is head of SKIF which is currently the world's largest Shotokan association. Malcolm Sensei 5th Dan, has been training for over 30 years in Shotokan Karate and this is reflected in our club name Nintai which means patience, perseverance and endurance. Sensei Malcolm has trained and taught students worldwide in countries like Kenya, UK, USA, India, Philippines and Cyprus

Sensei Malcolm and Master Kanazawa in 2004 with Nobuaki Kanazawa (Sensei Kanazawa's son) in the background



Okinawan Karate

Nintai Karate Club is also affiliated to WAKO GB. Although Nintai is a Shotokan club, Nintai ia also linked to Ryukyukan Karate and Kobudo Association in Okinawa. Ryukyukan is headed by Master Koei Nohara 8th Dan from Okinawa.

Master Nohara with Sensei Malcolm training at the Nintai dojo in 2004

Tanimoto Sensei (4th Dan), Murakami Sensei (2nd Dan) and Toda San in the background